British Health Products (India) Ltd.

Manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicines and Food Products

Quality Management System

The site has an independent and well equipped Quality assurance department having facilities for testing and examination of raw materials, packing materials, in process materials and finished products with respect to chemical testing, microbiological testing and instrumental analysis.

The quality at this site is assured by the electronic data management system. This consists of Local area network(LAN) of computers having terminals(nodes) in stores, testing laboratories etc. The software for this system is developed taking the help of an outside consultant and periodically monitored and updated as per specific requirement. The accessibility of data has been limited to a few people (quality assurance chemists etc) by way of individual pass words.

All the specifications are fed by an authorized person into the computer (Whenever a new or revised specification is issued by research and development) The chemist analyzing the sample gets a printout of work sheet for that particular sample. After analysis, Chemist feed in all the raw data in the computer based on the specifications. The software approve or rejects the sample. Data once entered in computer cannot be changed except by the Manager Quality Assurance in specific cases.

All the raw and packing materials are used only after thorough testing as per the companies specifications and approved by the Quality Assurance Department. The manufacturing is done as per the written manufacturing process and written in the form of batch production records.. In process testing required is done by the quality assurance chemist assigned for in process testing . The finished product is also tested as per in house specifications and only after release from quality assurance Department , they are sent to principle’s ware house for distribution . The quality control is as per the current good manufacturing practices and current good Laboratory practices.

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